Pakistan has a diverse cultural heritage, archaeological sites that have a very rich history, high mountains, lakes, glaciers and valleys that are unique in its own way. Pakistan was a haven for nature lovers and adventurers and then a decade of the uncertain situation nearly washed out the whole industry.

A seed by the name of Tours Avenue, was planted in 2018 with a hope for better Pakistan. It was a high time for revival. Aims and objectives were to bring life back and promote a soft image of Pakistan. Optimism and trust were the key elements

While shaping and leading industry there were ups and downs, nerve breaking moments and stressful situations but with a dedicated team we stood fast as we were eyeing a far bigger picture. And shortly we were joined by others in the industry. The untiring efforts bear fruit and tourism industry starts flourishing. There is more than 400 times increase in the number of local tourists and foreigners are also visiting with confidence. It is indeed an achievement. I urge you all to play your individual role for a common cause, Pakistan.

Ghulam Fareed
Executive Director
Tours Avenue